Public Workshops

Gig Harbor's a unique, complex place - so LOTS of input is needed to create a plan that really fits. Public workshops allowed residents to detail the issues - and suggest where the plan should lead. 

Planning to the People

For those who can't make workshops but care deeply about Gig Harbor's future, we took the plan on the road (as it were) with "pop-up" stations downtown and around town - online questionnaires, too! 

All-modes Activities

How better to plan for an all-modes future than to examine all-modes conditions? Connect the Gig featured fun, engaging events with an all-modes focus - including in-depth walking tours. 


Transportation Element

Non-Motorized Plan

"Get There" Strategies 


Connect the Gig is really three projects in one, including a new transportation element (that's planner-speak) for the comprehensive plan. Translation: Fresh new goals and policies to guide City decision-making.  

Vehicles are vital, but transportation includes much more, from sunny strolls to trips on foot or by bike. That's why Connect the Gig will create a Non-Motorized Plan - helping improve life away from steering wheels. 

Plans may chart a course, but they don't always advise on how to get there. The third part of Connect the Gig will evaluate and recommend a wide range of funding strategies - a "how to" guide for real progress.