Draft Transportation Element & Active Transportation Plan

On Thursday, March 1 2018, the City's Planning Commission is set to begin review of draft plans prepared under Connect the Gig - the Transportation Element and the Active Transportation Plan. Click below to see the official posts - it'll take you to the special City website, where you'll need to click on the menu tab called "Related Docs." Once there, select the menu items called "PL-COMP-17-0001_5_GigHarbor_TRANSPO_ELEMENT_Draft_021518.pdf" and "PL-COMP-17-0001_6_GigOnTheGo_02152018_Draft.pdf" - from there, you can review, download or print. 

Project Goals (Draft) 

Every plan needs to start with a set of agreed-upon goals. Based on transportation goals in the comp plan and initial thoughts on the Connect the Gig effort, here's what City staff came up with,  expressing several main objectives the plan ought to achieve. What do you think? We'll be refining these as work progresses! 


2013 UW Architecture "Storefront Studio"

Each summer, the School of Architecture at the University of Washington conducts a multi-week urban design exercise for various communities in the Puget Sound region. Gig Harbor was so honored in 2013, with students designing a wide array of projects for the city's waterfront area. Here's a copy of that document - it's quite large, so give it time to download. (P.S.: We hear Gig Harbor has been selected for another visit by UW's Storefront Studio group, taking place this summer!) 

2016 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan

Gig Harbor's Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PROS) is important to transportation planning in many ways, but especially where recreational walking or biking overlap with commuting or trips to the store. The PROS plan integrates with the parks element in the City's comprehensive plan. Click below to download and review. 


2009 Harborview Master Plan

In 2009, the City of Gig Harbor created the "Harborview Drive & Judson Street Improvement Master Plan," identifying numerous projects to "improve the appearance of downtown while maintaining its distinctive historic character; improve access to downtown businesses; reduce through traffic; increase parking supply; and improve pedestrian activity and safety." Here's a copy of the completed plan.